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Beneath has been sold


Beneath  is part of the "Voices of Vulnerability" Collection. This painting is inspiried by this story: Nineteen and pregnant with his child. He tells her that she’s nothing. He tells her to forget her dreams because her her place is at home with the baby, not getting a degree or having a career. Her baby is born.the baby cries and screams and needs and needs and needs. He is always working late. Never around for all the needing, never helps take care of the baby. That's her place. She is ugly. She is stupid. That's her place .He sleeps with someone else. She finally looks up to see she is drowning. Slowly sinking to the bottom, watching the light at the surface grow dim. More and more of her was being pushed deeper and deeper down until she became a shell of a person. Going through the motions. She was right where he wanted her: Beneath


Beneath is a 24x24 oil on canvas

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