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Movement Artist,

Kenzi is a circus movement artist that specializes in aerial hoop choreography and performance, and is an abstract expressionist painter. Creation and movement are central in her life as a visual artist, performer, and coach.


She believes art is the ultimate expression of protest and connection and draws inspiration from her own experiences for both paintings and live circus performances. She channels this into deeply emotive performances and abstract expressionist paintings that capture the attention of the audience through expressive storytelling. Intrigued by unexpected paths, she loves dynamic movement and to create in juxtaposition: undulating between displays of unabashed confidence and mesmerizing fluidity.


She's spent her life rolling, moving, and creating, but has used the last 8+ years to dig deep into the art of aerial dance and circus arts. Aerial Hoop is her true love, but can also be found exploring acro dance with inanimate and living partners, flipping around, and attempting to find balance on her hands.

210611_ts (6).jpg

Photo by Tess Scheflan

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